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October 9th, 2011, 8:25 pm

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Laitma, October 9th, 2011, 8:28 pm     Reply

So, here are just some rough sketches of Shin and Daemon (his name is Siddhe)... nothing very fancy, and I definitely got lazy with the Daemon haha (I don't really like the design very much, don't count it as anything approaching "official" haha, but, well, here we go.

Just a lot of things I didn't get to explain in the comic, and a lot of things I messed up. But this is like, most of what was rattling around my head while I was working that didn't make it onto the comic, so uh. Huge textwall up ahead, ahaha.

For one, the world is actually a whole lot more complex than just "Temple of Shadow" derp. The symbol of the Void, the triangle pointing down, actually has two forms: one with the dot in the center and one without. These are representative of the two sects of the religion. The one, "Shade," believes in the Shadows' manifest power rooted in some deeper force or aspect at the core of the Earth, and that Shadow is given power and shape by this source, much as light will cast a shadow and thus give it its shape. The other is the true "Void," which believes that true darkness and true emptiness is the source not so much of power but of the hidden truth at the core of all things, most easily seen and tapped into through shadow. Two different faiths, but as they're both based on Darkness they share a temple--disciples of the Shade usually reside in the upper ten-or-so floors of the Temple, and the followers of the "Void" moreover occupy the lower levels, which eventually degenerate into a series of caves (which the Temple was initially built upon, and good for meditation). Entrances and chambers are often left unlit, and sheets are also often placed over doorways to limit the intrusion of light further, hence the use of candles/lamps.
As well though, the Temple is circled by a crescent shape composed of the Gardens and Chambers of the Daughters of Nyx, a third religion that worships the moon and is mostly female in the composition of its followers. The Shade and Nyx religions often hold intertwined ceremonies/share traditions, which has often been scorned upon by the Order of Solux (the sun-based light religion) for the inclusion of females. (Yaaay sexism!)

Regarding Shadows: There are actual entities and deities composed of darkness. The Temple disciples of course believe that Shadows can be beneficial and respect them a great deal, but there is always a healthy wariness of what a Shade will say. There is understood to be some kind of hierarchy among the shadows, though neither faith has ever been able to discern for certain whether a "void" or a true god stands at the top of said hierarchy, but most Shadows tend to have certain agendas or designs and have some kind of "word" they often cannot go against--many are bound to certain locations as well for this reason, and the high density of sentient Shadows is what led the Temple to establish itself above this certain cave. (Iffy details hmm.)

If I ever got later on through the comic, I would've eventually showed that Siddhe (Shin's Daemon) is an exception to all of this--he was actually physically bound to his chamber to prevent his escape, and doesn't get along with other Shadows very well. (What he ended up doing in the comic was actually manipulating Shin to steal him Kieran's body, which had been so to say "opened" by the Ritual--a ritual never finished, which allowed Siddhe to possess the kid's body and escape from his chamber/prison.) It is also unclear who he actually serves, though he manages to convince Shin initially (after the events of my comic) that they should pursue a journey of Revenge against Hyperion's Order for the massacre of the Shadow Temple, though this is not actually what Siddhe is interested in.

And as for Shin: His story as I managed to vaguely cover it was simply that he and his friend Kieran were both orphans taken in by the Shadow Temple. They both attended the same initiation ceremony, in which they pray to either the Shade or the Void and listen for their response. A tentative idea I had for the world was for the development (and eventual growth) of markings on the disciple as they continued in their studies--they'd look like black markings on the skin, like tattoos. The clothing of the acolytes, apprentices, and disciples were all mostly conservative to cover up such markings, which were meant to be personal/intimately tied to each individual. Kieran demonstrated outstanding affinity to the Void when he was initiated, but Shin on the other hand--got nothing. No marks, no preference, no sign of anything, which is rare as the Shadows are usually very accepting of disciples (much more so than Solux). So Shin actually existed in this kind of "in-between" state where he lived with those of the Void faith, but he was not officially an acolyte and his duties were more janitorial in nature than anything else. Hence you can see why he's so very attached to his Daemon, who reached out to him when no other Shadow would.

......ANYWAY. I think that's most of it... What happens next in the story is actually... a whole lot less interesting, hahah. Basically Shin and Siddhe set out to reach the Temple of Solux in the nation's capital to confront Hyperion. This ends up quite troublesome as, though Shin was left unmarked by the Temple and can pass for an average boy, Siddhe is in posession of a very cut-up, marked, and pronouncedly DEAD body. Interesting stuff ensues, I guess.

Overall, this comic isn't made of the greatest stuff, but I really enjoyed working on it. Every time I work on 24HCD I end up forcing myself out of my comfort zone and working on new stories that were before nothing more than vague scenarios and at most a scene or two in my head; to turn them from such idle musings into something physical that others can read or view and understand--it's a really amazing process, and though it doesn't always lead to the highest-quality works, it always gets my creative juices flowing and brings into my universes a whole new world and a whole new set of characters to work with, and I love it so much for that.

So, thanks to anyone who read this and shared the journey with me. I hope you enjoyed it for what it was worth: in the raw, unedited, and entirely too rushed, but nevertheless still the birth of a brand new story, whose characters I hope to follow in their journey.

Thank you.

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Sonamae, October 10th, 2011, 1:05 am     Reply

I like it~

The Orange Cow, September 27th, 2016, 7:35 am     Reply

I remember reading this a while ago, and just happened to come across it again.

Just wanted to say it was a delightful comic. You beat yourself up a lot in the author's comments, but I felt you did a great job of conveying the meaning of what was happening.

The world building at the end is really interesting. It has that delicious mysterious quality that really makes one wonder how things turn out.

Thanks so much for posting this!

Laitma, September 27th, 2016, 2:33 pm     Reply

@The Orange Cow: Ahhhh, what a blast from the past hahaha, but thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment, it really made my day!! I'd practically forgotten about making these old comics hahaha... but 24hourcomicday is coming up, and I'm itching to do a new thing...

Thanks again so much for your kind comments, I will try to post more of my work on SmackJeeves as well, it's been forever-! :)

The Orange Cow, September 27th, 2016, 3:25 pm     Reply

Looking forward to whatever you might post; I'll be sure to check out your DA account as well.

(also I really like these two characters!)

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